Coming from a design background and slowly rolling towards craft and art.

After a degree in Fashion design at Politecnico di Milano, I gradually shifted towards the applied arts. Starting from ceramic’s courses, I continued to explore the field working as an assistant to artists and craftsmen every time I could and taking a master degree in craft, at Konstfack. My main interest is in the field of contemporary craft and collectible design. I like everything that is odd, uncanny and has a story to tell.


Objects between fragility and humor

In my practice I take inspiration from daily life and the objects that surrounds us. I search for analogies within man and objects; sometimes a production process reminds me of a life experience, other times I attempt to translate human behaviours in object’s features.
I work around themes such as imperfection, akwardness and anomalies trying to show them from different a perspective and with a kind smile. A profound love for materials and nature is often made visible in the pieces aesthetic.