Challenging Cups

In the picture, spoons by Laia Ribas Valls

Challenging Cups 2019

The project was developed for an event organized by me and three other artists for Munich Jewelry week. We collaborated with a cafe that hosted us and made our objects available for the customers to use. For the project, I’ve designed and made a collection of cups in porcelain where the shape of the cup had been altered in different ways. At the core of the project is the intention of disrupt the interaction between user and objetc.
The shape of the cup is still well recognizable but shows graft looking anomalies that force the user to modify their gestures and create a different choreography. 


Porcelain, gres, bambu, hazelnut branches, brass, leather, beechwood, cotton thread, hemp thread.


Slip casting, hand modeling, carving, hammering, drilling