Misbehaving Cups



Misbehaving Cups 2017

When form follows dysfunction.
What happens when an object doesn’t behave as we would expect it to?
The aim of the project was to modify the behavior of an object, in this case, the take-away cup, exploring the idea of creating awkward cups. A cup is spilling its content, another one needs to be hold tight, one drinks its content and one doesn’t really want to leave the table.
The pieces has been thought and used as props for performances.
During the process I’ve been able to experiment with different materials, in particular copper and its patinations.
Toys and conversation pieces from wunderkammer has been used a

s a reference.

Copper, tin, aluminum, slime, silicon, lyme stone, brass, toys pieces, hydrogel, gips.

Patination, hammering, forging, wood carving, folding, soldering, casting.